Sell Your Gold for 10% More–Guaranteed

If you want to sell your gold, diamonds and valuable jewelry at the best price, you should come talk to us before you make a decision. That’s because we are willing to add 10% to your highest offer. With the price of gold today, that can be a lot of money.

Selling is a great way to get the most value out of your unwanted gold, diamonds and valuable jewelry. The safest way to sell your gold is to a local gold buyer. Don’t put your valuable gold jewelry in the mail to ship it to an online buyer. Bring the gold to us and get paid immediately.

Sell Your Gold for the Highest price

We pay the highest price for your gold, diamonds and valuable jewelry, guaranteed. We can do this because we’ve been in business since 1983 and we have the experience to know exactly what your gold is worth. And unlike some online gold-buyers, we are not a middle-man. That means all of your gold’s value goes to you.

We Pay You Immediately

Get the value of your gold, diamonds and valuable jewelry immediately, not in a week. We pay you 10% more on the spot. That means 10% more than offers you have from any source  source, local or online. So if you have an offer of $500, we will pay $550.

Don’t Risk Shipping Your Gold, Diamonds and Valuable Jewelry

If you work with an online buyer, you have to ship your gold to them. Even if the shipment is insured, any problems could cause a delay of days or even weeks in processing your transaction. Why take that risk of loss or delay. Even if there is not a problem, you are looking at two to three days before you receive payment. Receive more money for your gold immediately from Joseph Taylor Jewelers.

Sell Your Gold to a Trusted Local Business

Joseph Taylor Jewelers has been in business since 1983. We are a trusted part of the community and we value our reputation above everything else. That’s why you can trust us to provide you with an honest valuation of your gold and jewelry.

If you want to sell your gold, diamonds and valuable jewelry, contact Joseph Taylor Jewelers today to get the best price.

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5-Star Review from Michael N.

Joseph Taylor jewelers was the best around by far. He helped me get a great price on a loose diamond, even better than the online distributors! He was able to find me a better price and quality diamond and then was able to get me the perfect setting. He worked with me on getting the ring perfect and was extremely fast and helpful. I am so happy I found him and am beyond happy with his work. 10/10 recommend you give him your business!

5 Star Review from Karen E.

I bought diamond earrings from Joseph Taylor after many years of searching for a reputable source. He is honest and forthright and helped me find the perfect stones and setting. I did shop other sources locally and online and found him to be the best. It is nice to deal with a long-standing local jeweler and I highly recommend him.

5 Star Review from Geri W.

If you’re looking for an honest jeweler, who can find whatever you’re looking for, at a great price, with incredible after the sale customer service. You have found him! I bought my engagement ring and wedding band from Joe . All three of my kids brought their engagement rings and wedding bands from Joe. All of my friends in many of my coworkers. He never disappoints!


5 Star Review from Shaw S.

I was referred to Joseph Taylor Jewelers by a friend and I could not have made a better choice. From my first meeting, my buying experience felt personalized and professional. Mr. Taylor took the time to show me a variety of diamonds in my price range and even ordered stones for me to look at and compare to make sure I made the absolute best choice for me. His knowledge of quality helped guide my buying experience and my fiancé absolutely loves her ring.


5 Star Review from Rachel A.

I can’t thank Joseph Taylor enough for the amazing job he did on my engagement ring! He placed one of my late grandmothers diamonds into a new setting for me & it turned out absolutely stunning. The sentiment alone makes this ring so special, but the overall experience & working with Joseph was incredible. Such a great person & he loves what he does. You can see it in his work! Couldn’t be happier & will definitely be visiting him in the future for other pieces

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